Board and officials 2018

The election meeting chose Entropy’s new board and officials for year 2018.


  • Chairperson: Essi Laurila
  • Vice chairperson: Vilppu Pekkanen
  • Secretary: Iiro Tähkä
  • Treasurer: Niklas Strengell
  • Communications director: Marja-Leena Rotinen
  • International guy / Global liaison: Nicolas Guinoiseau
  • Technical director: Juho Luoto


  • CTO: Harri Häivälä
  • Vice CTO / Bot manager: Julius DeBrujin
  • Board room manager: Nicolas Guinoiseau
  • Assisting communications director: Sidney Hiltunen
  • Rentals manager: Juho Luoto
  • Excursion manager: Saara Louhensalo


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