Annual Meeting 28.2.2019

Hey you member of Entropy!

Welcome to Entropy’s annual meeting on Thursday 28.2.2019 6:30 p.m. at Vaasankadun kabinetti which is located in Vaasankatu 10 (top floor), Helsinki.

In the meeting we will go through 2018 action report and this years plan of action. There will be some snacks at hand and the sauna will be warm after the meeting until 10 p.m.

Meeting agenda:

  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Quorum
  3. Selection of the meeting staff
  4. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure
  5. Announcements
  6. Operational period of the term 2018
  7. Income Statement and Balance Sheet with Notes for 2018
  8. Statement of operational inspectors for the term of office 2018
  9. Approval of financial statements
  10. Discharge of accountable persons
  11. Association membership fees for 2019 and the due date of the membership fees
  12. Action Plan for 2019
  13. Budget for 2019
  14. Awarding of Entropist HC Names
  15. Other things to come
  16. Closing of the meeting


Kind regards,

Essi Laurila, chairman 2018

Vilppu Pekkanen, chairman 2019

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Entropy × Merikerho 1.3.2019


gradual decline into disorder.
you can’t fight it.
just accept it and make your body groove.
let the deep beats of house float you into the night.

aga.2cr5 b2b Jekkuvesa


Cost: 10 euros + cloak room

Location: Merikerho (Sörnäisten rantapromenadi, Helsinki)

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Board and officials 2019

The election meeting chose Entropy’s new board and officials for year 2019.


  • Chairperson: Vilppu Pekkanen
  • Vice chairperson: Mathilda Soukka
  • Secretary: Tatu Peltola
  • Treasurer: Essi Laurila
  • Communications director: Olaus Lintinen
  • International affairs responsible: Nicolas Guinoiseau
  • Technical and rentals director: Uula Toikka


  • Photo and video manager: Gesina Sundström
  • Treasurer assistant: Jani Lindqvist
  • Board room manager: Tatu Peltola
  • Board assistant: Mika Paavola
  • Storage manager: Helmer Lauronen
  • Technical team: Uula Toikka, Tatu Peltola, Joonas Hyttinen, Olaus Lintinen, Nicolas Guinoiseau, Jacob Söderström, Alex Hefele, Helmer Lauronen and Juho Luoto


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Relax Keke 1.12.



there will be some action at Kerde during Saturday evening 1.12. Feel free to join for groovy tunes and a stress-free evening!
It’s going to be oped decks so, as usually, bring your usbs, vinyls, cds, etc. Whatever format you prefer! We’ll try to start the evening around 19-20.
This is the time to relax after the E25V. Grab a beer and just enjoy yourself and the moment!
Hope 2 c u soon! <3
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Election meeting 30.11.

Entropy’s election meeting is held on Friday 30 November at 6.30pm. The place is Ossinsauna (Otakaari 18, Espoo).

After the meeting it’s sauna time so bring your own towel. :)

Agenda available in Finnish.


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Entropy 25 years – webpages now open

Go and learn more about the artists performing at the event from the navigation bar above!

Flyer credit: Felone Graphics

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Entropy 25 Years [24.11.2018]

Entropy has been an active contributor in Helsinki electronic music scene for 25 years. During that time there’s been numerous events from clubroom parties to festivals, combining the mentality of participation, having the same values (peace, love, unity and respect) and of course love towards electronic music. Let’s celebrate!

We have the privilege to announce the following lineup:

Roger Gerressen (NL)
Anselm (DE)
Abstract Elements (RUS)
Chris Ferreira (BE)
Antti Rasi (FIN)
Juurisähkö (FIN)
Eikai (FIN)
Mathilda (FIN)
Eerror (FIN)
OutOu (FIN, DE)
Leona (FIN)
Prokres (FIN, DK)
Heikki Tapani & Kotiehtoo (FIN)
tsydem (FIN)
Mr. Daddy (FIN)

Visuals by

Indigo (FIN)
Folded Visuals (FIN)
SSuvereeni (FIN)
Äärivälke (FIN)
Inana (FIN)

Location: Cirko, Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Time: Sat 24.11.2018 from 21.00-07.00

Tickets: 25€ from the door / 20€ presales

Facebook event:

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#ffffff 6.10.18

Feel the fast, vast and deep bass of Entropy’s DeeJays as they blast you with colourful spectrum of electronic music. Let your body use all of its senses by surrendering to the music and explosions of colour. Enjoy and come as you are!


@ Täffä, Otakaari 22, 02150 Espoo klo 22 –>

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Additional association meeting 3.10.18


1. Opening of the meeting 18:00
2. Finding the quorum
3. Selection of meeting staff
4. Approval of the Rules of Procedure
5. Declaration of the resignation of a member of the board
– Marja-Leena Rotinen’s announcement of the task of the board’s information director
6. Selection of a new member of the board for 2018
– Appoint Mathilda Soukka as the information director
7. Closing of the meeting 18:15

The meeting is held at Entropy’s Clubhouse at Jämeräntaival 3, Espoo.

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Newbies night 26.9

Welcome to Entropy! If you are new to Entropy, join us at our clubroom (Jämeräntaival 3 A 1) on Wednesday, 26 September, from 6 PM onwards. Chilling, open decks for those who want to play and a chance to meet Entropy people and learn about our organization.

Also join our mailing list and Facebook group!

See you at Kertsi! :)

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