Helsinki Clubbing – 30 years of smoke and strobe

Helsinki Clubbing exhibition opens on 9 March in the Helsinki City Museum. Entropy is helping to organise a side event for the exhibition, more information soon! The exhibition is free of charge as always in the City Museum.

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(Suomi) Sunnuntailaskut 11.2.2018

Once again it’s time to start open air season of Alppipuisto with Entropy’s traditional Sunnuntailaskut. So grab some warm clothes suited for dancing and head to Alppipuisto on Sunday where several DJ’s are gonna play wide variety of electronic music starting at 3 PM.


Event is held only if the weather is suitable for it.

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Guilty pleasures -keke 2.2.2018

So you think you like bad music? You truly believe that no one can compete with you in terms of bad taste and crappy transitions?

Well then you better sit down, take a deep breath, and mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming: the Guilty Pleasure -keke is back!

If you still think that there’s no such thing as “bad music” just wait and watch your universe fall apart…

So bring your unspoken and shameful musical secrets, since it’s a burden you definitly don’t want to carry alone for the rest of your days!

The musical ragnarok will take place at Kerde, Jämeräntaival 3 A 1 on Friday 2nd of February at 6pm (18h)!

Warning 1: youtube available (god knows there’s some heavy stuff there)
Warning 2: It might happen that we will sing along with your songs

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Entropy presents: Luotain 27.1.2018

Entropy presents: Luotain

Luotain will guide your way to an underwater realm where the warmth of dub softly meets cold and mechanistic techno.

22:00-00:00 Eltron
00:00-02:00 Indigo
02:00-04:00 Ben Buitendijk
04:00-06:00 Elisa Katariina

Tickets: 15€ / 14€ presale at Holvi

Location: Teatteri Tuike (Viertolantie 2, Helsinki)

Few reminders about practicalities:

– Place is Teatteri Tuike in Tapanila (Viertolantie 2). You can arrive ie. by I-train or bus number 74 (
– Doors open at 22:00
– Ticket pre-sale closes today (Friday) at 21:00
– There will be tickets sold at the door but if you want to be sure to get in come early
– Cash only and event amount is very much appreciated
– Entrance is located at the end of the building right next to the railway
– Smoking also happens in direct proximity to the entrance
– Please respect the neighbors and behave both when arriving and leaving
– Don’t wander around outside if not necessary
– Please use an ashtray when smoking
– Don’t litter
– Respect your fellow party people
– Every type of harassment, groping and violence is prohibited. If you encounter any situations regarding to this our staff helps. You can ask help ie. from the door or the kiosk.
– If you think you might have urges for beverages or small snacks during the party take some small coins with you
– There will be a self-service cloakroom though we recommend not to leave any valuable items there


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Night Of Bisous -keke 19.1.

Greetings to all of you brave, badass, trailblazers from both here and afar. As you may have already experienced, Aalto is quite an international place for studies and there’s a vibrant student life here. But maybe you haven’t heard of the most famous, incredibly awesome student association ever… and I’m not talking about the wine tasting one. Entropy, the 25-year old electronic music and underground culture association of Aalto – one of the oldest still standing – will be opening its Club Room for you on Friday, January 19th from 6pm (18:00) until an unknown closing hour.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, photographer, computer dude, craftsperson, artist or incredibly talented chef, if you are intriguing, then you are welcome to join!

We will be there to listen to good tracks, chat with other Entropy members (*caution, if you talk too much with them they might get friendly), chill on the couch with a beer and share thoughts about how we want our stay here to be!

Warmly welcome!

Address: Jämeräntaival 3 A (follow the music)

PS: This event is not about welcoming new DJs; it is to welcome anyone who has an interest in underground culture!

PPS: If you are a DJ, bring your USB key or vinyl

Facebook event:

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Xmas Party 22.12.

Entropy’s Christmas party is this year on Friday 22nd December. We start at 6pm at Rantasauna in Otaniemi, located behind Jämeräntaival 5. You can also arrive earlier if you want to help with the organising.

Snacks and drinks provided, BYOB for the thirsty fellows. Open decks is available for the DJs and the sauna is warm until 3am.

Pack your towel, wear your ugliest Christmas sweater and jingle all the way to Otaniemi!

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Warm up -KeKe

Days shorter and shorter? Cold wind going anywhere it can? Snow seems to be preparing for war? Fear not friends, on monday they’ll be a Keke, the Keke you want, the Keke you need AND the Keke you deserve… Going from warm and chill to hot ‘n’ loud, to brace yourself for the dark season to come: Join the Warm Up Keke! ’cause we need you, and you need a Keke.

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Board and officials 2018

The election meeting chose Entropy’s new board and officials for year 2018.


  • Chairperson: Essi Laurila
  • Vice chairperson: Vilppu Pekkanen
  • Secretary: Iiro Tähkä
  • Treasurer: Niklas Strengell
  • Communications director: Marja-Leena Rotinen
  • International guy / Global liaison: Nicolas Guinoiseau
  • Technical director: Juho Luoto


  • CTO: Harri Häivälä
  • Vice CTO / Bot manager: Julius DeBrujin
  • Board room manager: Nicolas Guinoiseau
  • Assisting communications director: Sidney Hiltunen
  • Rentals manager: Juho Luoto
  • Excursion manager: Saara Louhensalo


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 The future is now – after a long wait, the brand new metro line connects Otaniemi with the Helsinki metropolitan area.
We will celebrate this at our clubroom in Otaniemi – we’ll be playing some music fit for a metropolis, eating some metro delicacies and just hanging out. Please join us – with the metro!
Where: Jämeräntaival 3 A 1
When: this Saturday from 19.00 onwards
What to bring: great vibes, music, your HSL travel card or  cheap tiket
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Election meeting 23.11.

Invitation to the annual election meeting of Entropy ry.

Time: Thursday 23 November 2017, 6pm
Place: Vaasankadun kabinetti (Vaasankatu 10, Helsinki)

Agenda available in Finnish.

After the meeting sauna!


The board

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