Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is an electronic music cultural association and one of the AYY (Student Union of Aalto University) cultural associations. The purpose of the association is to maintain and advance electronic music culture and related activities among the students of Aalto University and to unite people interested in electronic music.

This in mind Entropy organizes electronic music events, various courses and workshops (such as the popular “Introduction to DJing” courses) and excursions to events in Finland and abroad. Entropy’s activities are member-driven: all the events and activities are initiated, planned and carried out by the members. Anyone can join the association and the membership fee has always been zero euro. Gratis and libre!

Entropy-aktiiveja yhdistyksen 20-vuotisjuhlissa marraskuussa 2013

Former and current entropians at the 20th anniversary party in 2013.


Entropy’s board acts as the official body in organizational affairs. The board is elected annually in November and begins its session in January. The board can best be reached by email at hallitus[ät]

Board 2017

Chairperson Niklas Strengell
Vice chairperson Janne Karjalainen
Secretary Iiro Tähkä
Treasurer Eero Pehkonen
Communications officer Kasperi Koskelo
Stakeholder coordinator Essi Laurila

Board 2016

Chairperson Juho Kokko
Vice chairperson Mari Laukkanen
Secretary Iiro Tähkä
Treasurer Eero Pehkonen
Communications officer Niklas Strengell
Freshmen officer Janne Karjalainen

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