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Songs of Byzantine Flowers
"The flower of Byzantine culture was a hybrid, enriched with leaves of gold.  The 5th century invasion of the western Roman empire by the Goths had plunged Western Europe into the Dark Ages.  Byzantium became the centre of civilization and it now laid a foundation for the music of Christendom through a fusion of elements, religious and secular, eastern and western.  The blend of Hellenistic (Greek) with Semitic (Jewish) and Arabic (Persian) conceptions transmitted its influence into Russia via Bulgaria and later into Western Europe.  It can be said that not a single musical instrument of Medieval Europe was native but that they were all imported from Asia.  The migration took place over several centuries and by various routes, of which the most important passed through Byzantium and North Africa.  The much vaunted Renaissance in Italy was less a re-discovery of classical Greek and Roman concepts than an embracing of the enduring cultural legacy of the Byzantine Christian sects.  The music and art of Western Europe blossomed once more upon the opening of the gates to the Orient."
- Wellesz, Byzantine Music and Hymnography

DJ:n valinta: SPK, Zamia Lehmanni: Songs of Byzantine Flowers, Mute Records 1992

Towers of Dub
"Dem use to deal wid Rastafari an’ I deal with Jah through Jesus Christ...I was reasoning, an’ sayin’ dat I don’t see Rastafari as the Supreme, becaw I say the Supreme a live inside a we as temples, as a higher heights inna Creation. A man not fi worship a next man, is only Jehovah the true and living God! An’ it cause a big dispute wid de whol’ a dem Rasta man. Me a hold on to  my opinion, an’ dem hold on to dem opinion, till it become boring. An’ den, all of a sudden the rain set up, an’ dem go way, go sleep. When dem a sleep, it like I hear someting, a sound, like a strange ting, inside a me thoughts- like an Angel a sing. When de thunder roll, it come in like music to me, me hear these sounds, ‘King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah’. Me a sing along to the sounds weh me hear, an’ eventually dem wake up an’ a listen to me. Dem say it sound like a new sound wha’ could go ‘pon record, an’ so me shoulda penetrate dat an’ go inna recordin’!"
- Vivian "Jesus Dread" Jackson

DJ:n valinta: The Orb, Adventures beyond the Ultraworld, Big Life 1991
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