Boing Boom Tschak

Boing Boom Tschak is an ongoing series of music listening nights. Of course, the name comes from Kraftwerk's classic song Music Non Stop, whose first three words are... well, guess. =) So far we have held three of them: The difference between a BBT and a normal Entropy rave is that while BBTs are equipped with all the light & sound equipment needed for a rave - fog machines, strobe lights, massive sound system - at a BBT everyone can be a DJ for half an hour and play whatever they want. This does mean that the mixing quality may be a little weak, but the music will certainly be interesting. Boing Boom Tschak-raves are also entirely non-profit, they are either free or as low-cost as we can make them.

Story of Boing Boom Tschak ended, since it evolved out of it's original purpose, to give bedroom dj's a chance to spin for greated audince to just a cheap budget parties with an army of less known Dj's and couple of bigger names. Successor to BBT is known as [ bun ka ]

Most BBTs will be held in TF's so-called "Cave", a rarely-used but wonderful hidden hall downstairs that's just right for a rave. It's at the "other end" of TF, ie. if you start from the restaurant door and go all the way around the house, you'll find it. Information on getting to TF itself is available here. Rantasauna is the other place we're holding BBT.

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