F Trap


F Trap was the evil twin of Part E. Part E was a happy acid/trance rave whose symbol was the acid smiley, so naturally F Trap had to be a hardcore/gabber rave symbolized by a grinning skull. Like last time, the party was in Smökki, but this time we worked together with 40wattCLUB since Entropy had no hardcore DJs.

Smökki was split into three parts for the rave. The 'aquarium' was again the main room, which was the domain of 40wattCLUB and thus pumped out hardcore and gabber all night long. The entrance to the room was guarded by the Grim Reaper, a black hooded figure holding a reaper. A stroboscope was embedded inside the head, underneath a mask of spiky iron and wire mesh, so every few seconds the eyes and grinning mouth of the creature would flash. The room itself was packed to the max: nearly 2000 marks were spent on lasers, strobes, Arclines, effects and of course 4 kilowatts of sound.

Once again, the big hall was cut in two with suspended tarpaulins, dividing it into a smaller experimental room and a giant chillout. The experimental room was more simply furnished, with a few lights and a strobe. The chillout, which shared the experimental room's music, was bathed in UV glow and spirals of light. Sofas, chairs, tables and plants were everywhere, and we also set up a special TV corner where all sorts of interesting hardcore videos, ranging from the Tetsuo movies through splatter to 70's hardcore porn, were played. A table of free snacks and drinks was provided, with some 20 bowls of popcorn alone disappearing during the night. All connecting corridors and even the bathrooms were filled with UV lights and various splatter-related posters.

On the big night itself, we organized free bus transport from the city to Otaniemi and back, carrying over 100 people. Another 100 showed up by car, bike or foot, so the total was 213; not a record, but very good attendance for an event of this type and enough to keep all rooms nice and full. The 40watt crew, consisting of Vilai, Galah, Conna, Ville and Hellfuck, kept the gabbafreaks bouncing all night. In the experimental room, Gnosis and Oskari made their DJing debut spinning all sorts of experimental noise and industrial (click here for a tracklist) and later at night Entropy's veteran Wax Remover, together with pH and Apo, spun experimental house and jungle.

The saying says that 'the third time's the charm' and indeed, this time the technical problems that had plagued us in earlier raves disappeared, with all systems working from the beginning. Despite the rave having our biggest budjet yet (over 6000 mk in expenses) yet, we earned some money, people were happy and the vibes were great. What else could you ask for? Probably only another rave like this. =)

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