Flora vs Becel

Stonewall, 13.5.1997

Entropy's collaboration project with Kauniainen High School, we held the farewell party for the Class of 1997. Since it was held on Flora's day, which happens to be the name of Finland's most popular margarine, we decided to name it appropriately. The first suggestion was Raisio's revolutionary "plantsterol"-based techno-margarine Benecol, but this was vetoed, so we settled for the butter battle Flora vs Becel.

Getting back to the point, the party was held at Stonewall, with DJs Pietari, Raymond Sonik & Medda at the mixing table. For many young people, it was their first real taste of techno, and for some of them, it won't be their last.

(Ja näillä bileillähän ei sitten ollut yhtikäs mitään tekemistä Raisio-Yhtymän kanssa.)

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