G Rave / 4.11.1996


G Rave was a part of Go To Hell , a large inter-faculty party with members of the following groups attending: The party's theme was, as you can guess, HELL. Now, the party also had a dance floor where they played pop, but of course the reason you're reading this is that we set up the G Rave, Entropy's very own techno terrordome in the back of the party. 6 kilowatts of sound, lasers, Arclines, strobes, and lots of special surprises. No expense was spared in the decoration: everything was covered in dark black, streaked with flames of red and orange, dry ice bubbling in vats everywhere, a video projector covering the walls with psychedelic patterns, mysterious pale-faced wraiths and gas-masked techno freaks floating in and out of the fog...

The guest stars of the event were Clit, Vilai and Galah of 40wattCLUB, the hardcore & gabber crew who also spun at F Trap in September. Co-starring was Entropy's own team featuring DJs like Medda and Kennu; Medda set a new record by spinning a whopping total of 6 hours during the party, even hijacking the pop section's equipment at one point.

With some 400 people there, some of them all the way up to 7 in the morning, the party was a blast. Up next, Go To Heaven in '97?

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