Black Sun Empire

(BSE Recordings, oBSEssions) [NL]
Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire represent the finest in dark and techy dancefloor drum and bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they've continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as two full-length LPs and establishing themselves as leaders in the field.

With their awesome DJ skills and inspirational productions, Black Sun Empire have reached far beyond their native Holland and toured everywhere including USA, UK, Russia, Australia and New Zealand to name but a few.

Their latest venture is "Shadows of the Empire", a new label opening around Spring 2009 that sees the crew present their own interpretations of the dubstep sound, in typical BSE fashion.


(Destructive, Urban Graffiti)


(Sub FM, B.O.M.B.)

Dak b2b Iku

(Counter Intelligence, Lightless)

Vtech b2b Hookah

(Kill Inc., Darkvibe)