Part E


Part E was Entropy's largest project to date. It was an attempt to achieve the impossible: have a good party in the notorious Servinmökki, a squat box of a building that serves as the site of all the usual drinking parties and doubles as a cafeteria during the day.

To reach this goal, extensive work was done to rearrange Smökki more to our liking. The 'aquarium' in the back was turned into the dance floor, which was easy enough; the difficult part was doing something about the gargantuan 24x10x5m main hall. We decided to cut off an 8-meter slice of this and block off access to the rest, leaving a tunnel connecting the two parts. All this dividing was accomplished with hundreds of square meters of tarpaulins and plastic coverings. The slice, which became the chill-out (or, naturally, the Chill E room) was then further divided into two parts. The first part was a standard chillout with tables and chairs, whereas the second part was an 'ultra-chillout' where shoes and drinks were forbidden. And with good reason: it was surrounded by green plants and filled with sofas, mattresses, pillows, rugs, and plush toys. Add on a DJ mixing table, lights and a 'rave kangaroo' spinning spirals on the opposite wall, and you had what is, IMHO, the best chill-out I've ever seen.

We hadn't forgotten about the dance floor (aka the Groov E room) either. Its furnishing were a bit more spartan but equally effective: stacks of massive 4kW speakers, a row of Arcline strobes shooting up from the DJ table across the roof, 3 more strobes around the room, and a powerful fog machine. Finally, another rave kangaroo and a UV light were placed in the tunnel connecting the rooms.

And all this work did not go to waste. Quite the opposite! We had conservatively based our budjet on 100 people coming, but it turned out that at least 250 did (we lost count after 160). All rooms were full, with people spilling out into the blocked-off midsection as well. And the action in the Groov E room was a sight to behold, with over 100 people raving like mad in the fog and lightning so hard that beads of condensed sweat ran down the plastic covering the windows. The party was supposed to end at 5 AM, but the action was better than ever at 6:30, and the most hard-core freaks kept right on bouncing even at 7 when we pulled down the plastic and let the sunlight stream into the room. Likewise, the chill-out was packed solid almost constantly.

All in all, it was a very successful event and quite possibly Entropy's best rave yet.

Picture of Servinmökki by Lassi Suihkonen, used with permission

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