Released: 4.5.2019, 22:00

Body Wave ~ 31.5.2019, 22:00

”A body wave is a seismic wave that moves through the interior of the earth, as opposed to surface waves that travel near the earth’s surface. Seismic waves are waves of energy that travel through the Earth’s layers, and are a result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, magma movement, large landslides and large man-made explosions that give out low-frequency acoustic energy.”


In the year 2019 the Earth is crumbling on the edge of destruction. Natural resources have been depleted, people are turning into egotistic zombies, and techno has become too minimal. The results are catastrophic. Nature starts taking back what belongs to it. Roots and branches break through the concrete walls, which once separated people from nature and created barriers between those with differing ethnicities or beliefs.

A group of scientists have detected increased seismic activity emanating from underground, indicating a massive scale Body Wave due to reach the metropolitan area on 31/5/19. People are advised to seek shelter and brace themselves according to this message.


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