Released: 4.8.2020, 15:32

Entropy Allstars @ Katarsis ~ 8.8.2020, 15:00

Entropy DJs are playing in summer cafe Katarsis on next Saturday. Come and enjoy warm summer day with picnic athmosphere and our legenday DJs.

  • Opa

    • Technoguru who has played more than 15 years in Entropy and other Undergroud parties. The music he plays often is called "Opatekno" which means harder groovy techno but this time he is going to play more sunny and softer picnic techno with a twist o house.
  • dcom

    • dcom has been playing many kinds of electronic music for dancing and listening for almost 30 years - providing a selection of light and cool electro for a sunny day.
  • Prokres

    • "Its a never ending story of changes in musical taste for this fellow - from Jungle to Industrial and back to old school sound of House. It all started in Helsinki back in 2012 and goes on with an unforeseeable ending. "
  • Nigh

    • Neurofunk DJ's dive into the world of melodic four on the floor, this time in the form of progressive house.
  • Chiphead

    • Chipmusic DJ for 2 year now. Has been Entropy member since 2005.

Music starts at 15:00 and lasts until end at 22:00. The cafe opens at 14:00 and has licence to sell alcohol.

Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki