Released: 19.8.2020, 16:00

Lykkäys (Postponement) ~ 21.8.2020, 20:00

Wappu isn't over - it has just been postponed. An outdoor event as a part of the Wappusimulaattori week.

OTANIEMI   OPEN AIR    21.8.2020 8PM-2AM

Location: 60°11'10.0"N 24°49'51.9"E



  • Varaktor
  • aga.2cr5
  • Dinavisk
  • h.3ld
  • Jekkuvesa

Genres ≈ techno / acid / trance / dnb


Please try to keep safe distance to other participants. Don't participate if you feel ill. Please respect the principles for safer space. Pick up your trash. This way, the party will stay safe and enjoyable for everyone!