Ambient Sauna


Ambient Sauna was Entropy's first real rave. While it was a small-scale event and attendance was a bit less than we had hoped, it was a popular and financial success marred only slightly by technical difficulties, with two amplifiers blown and the music stopping at random intervals due to an incorrectly connected cable.

The site of Ambient Sauna was TKY's Rantasauna, a cozy and relatively new sauna complex located in Otaniemi right next to the sea. The building was divided in three parts: the main dancefloor, the chill-out room, and the Ambient Sauna itself. The dancefloor was placed in the 'furnace room' in the center of the building. The 'large sauna' was kept unheated and converted into the chill-out room, while the 'small sauna' was equipped with speakers and colored lights and then turned on. Between the three rooms there was a series of shower and dressing rooms, which were also modified in appearance. Perhaps the most interesting room was the shower room next to the chill-out, which was equipped solely with UV lights. Since the room was paneled with white, the room glowed a radioactive purple. As the cherry on top, a single wooden chair was placed under each shower facing outwards, completing the impression of a futuristic gas chamber.

Around 100 people attended the event, which elicited an article in the magazine Contactor and was even mentioned on a radio show broadcast nationwide.

Picture of Rantasauna by Lassi Suihkonen, used with permission

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