Panel discussion from the DJ workshop online

The panel discussion that opened the DJ workshop is now online on YouTube! DJs Indigo, Orion, Orkidea and Proteus discussed the life and times of a disc jockey with Entropy’s Apo hosting. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to OUBS for filming and editing the nearly three-hour discussion.

The panel was held in Finnish.

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Sunnuntailaskut on 3rd of March (CANCELLED)

Dude, where’s my winter? Event cancelled!

Entropy’s traditional outdoor party slash sledding event Sunnuntailaskut is held in Alppipuisto on Shrove Sunday, March the 2nd. Put on some warm clothes, take your sled and join us for some wintry fun!

14:00 -15.30 Abunker (rap/soul/funk)
15.30 -17.00 MikaV (Liquid DnB)
17.00-18.30 Sushius (House)
18.30 -20:00 Prokres b2b Pletova (Techno)
20:00 -21.30 Kirsu (Psy)

Event is organized weather permitting!

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Powder Room – a LiveKeke on 20th February


Powder Room is a new pre-party evening held on the eve of any prominent ball in the Helsinki region. There will be music and other programs (such as interviews) related to the said event.

In the first Powder Room we will see music by:

  • Mimosa (Hytky)
  • Sushius (Entropy, Hytky)
  • MikaV (Entropy)
  • Mr. Smooth (Entropy)

Take a head-start with us to the weekend’s party and turn on to at 9pm on Thursday or you can join us at Entropy’s club room (at Jämeräntaival 3 A, Otaniemi).

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DJ workshop in February

Tätäkö on skrätsäys? Kuva: Gatto Mimmo / CC BY-ND-SA

Is this what scratching means? Come find out! Photo: Gatto Mimmo / CC BY-NC-SA

Entropy organizes a DJ workshop for people interested in DJing, from beginners to more advanced mix artists. The workshop kicks off with a general event with a panel discussion and lectures and continues with hands-on sessions in smaller groups later in the spring.

Lectures are given in Finnish.

Workshop on Facebook:


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[bun.ka] ビデオジョッキー 28.12.

[bun.ka] banner

文化 [bun.ka]: n. culture; civilization
ビデオジョッキー [bideojokkii] n. video jockey

Entropy revives the [bun.ka] concept that has been resting for nearly a decade. The idea is simple: short sets, no genre or bpm limits, (almost) anyone can play. This is a place for new DJs (kohai) to showcase their skills and a chance for old farts (sempai) to do something different than usual.

This time around we are presenting also VJs, so this is also an opportunity for new video artists to impress an audience with their mad vid skillz.

Lineup with 30 (!) artists on two stages:

  • Anyon
  • Autoexec
  • Borderhill
  • Criba
  • Dmal
  • Eerror
  • Emmü K
  • Exotropical
  • Golan Kudasai
  • Hege
  • Jagu
  • Jebe
  • Jonash
  • Kryptine
  • Kuollut Vompatti
  • L.A. Thunder
  • Laiska Jaakko
  • Looney
  • MikaV
  • Olli Harjola
  • Panusonic
  • Pletova
  • Prokres aka Snapo
  • Ravel
  • Re-Strike
  • Sam-El
  • Sheldon303
  • Them
  • Visual Void
  • Folded

Date: Saturday 28.12.2013
Place: Espoo UG (more details from Entropy ninjas)
Tickets: 5 euros

PS. Browse old [bun.ka] parties in our event archive!

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Infinitesimal xmas party 20.12.

Ny fillataan!

Entropy’s xmas party at the Otaniemi Rantasauna (located at the seaside behind Jämeräntaival 7) on Friday 20.12. Gingerbread, mulled wine and bad jokes. Open decks for DJs.

Two saunas ready for use so don’t forget your towel!

Open doors from 9pm onwards. Welcome!

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Photos from E20V


Vesa Rajala’s photos from E20V now added to the photo archive. Also check out the photos by Mari Laukkanen if you haven’t seen them yet!

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New board for 2014 elected

The election meeting on November 7th chose the new board and officials for the year 2014.


Chairperson: Eero Pehkonen
Vice-chairperson: Susanna Nuutinen
Secretary: Jussi Ulmanen
Treasurer: Sampo Lahtinen
Communications: Niklas Strengell


Decorations: Sampo Lahtinen
Tech: Ville Karhu
Lights and happiness: Mikko Törrönen
Communications: Susanna Nuutinen
Web: Harri Häivälä
Unicorns: Merete Kemppainen

The new appointees start their duties on new year. Congratulations!

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E20V this week

E20V – 20 Years of Entropy

E20V – 20 Years of Entropy

Entropy’s anniversary party E20V – 20 Years of Entropy this weekend at Ääniwalli. Some presale tickets are still available for the event: one-day tickets 15 euros and two-day tickets 25 euros.

NB! Only cash accepted at the door, so please purchase a presale ticket if you’d like to pay with a card!

The theme of the party is steampunk and we encourage theme-appropriate apparel (not mandatory, though :)

See you this weekend!

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The first 20 years

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Entropy’s founding meeting, held on November 4th, 1993 at Dipoli. The meeting’s invitation poster below with a vision of a more dynamic TKK (with the main building’s auditorium turned into a giant bass element).


Join us for the celebration later this month!

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