Welcome new students!


Happy beginning of the Autumn and welcome to all new students! Come find out what Entropy does in these two events in September:

Otasuunnistus 3.–4.9. Either outside Jämeräntaival 3 A or inside at our club room, depending on the weather. We’ll organize a fun group activity plus give you a chance to talk to our active members about our organization. Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 10pm.

Campus Festival 19.9. Aalto music organizations introduce themselves in Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4). Entropy has a stand plus an interactive introduction on stage. More info coming later at least to the Facebook event.

We also suggest you subscribe to our mailing list and join our Facebook group to receive information about our future events and other activities!

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Photos from Yökylä

Photos from the Yökylä party have been added to our archive. Thanks to all the night guests and Vesa for the camera duty!


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Entropy’s Summer Sounds 24.5.


Entropy welcomes the summer this Saturday with Suvisoinnut. Location: Konttiaukio in Kalasatama, keywords: electronic music, friends, open air, sun. Bring your own food and prepare it on Konttiaukio’s grills!

It is also Cleaning Day so we’ll set up a record trading post: bring those dusty extra vinyls and take some surprise finds home if you like.

See you and your friends this weekend!

Playing order:

14 – 15 Hälinen
15 – 16 Arto
16 – 17 Koju
17 – 18 Sushius
18 – 19 MikaV
19 – 20 Eerror
20 – 21 Solari

NB! There’s no running water on Konttiaukio so please bring enough to drink with you. And don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun!

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/629291530486035/

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Yökylä-Afterglow-Keke 15.5.

Let’s share our experiences about last Friday’s Yökylä at our club room (Jämeräntaival 3 A 1) on Thursday from 7 pm onwards. If you lost something at the event, come look for it! Open decks. Welcome!

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Entropy presents: Yökylä w/ Feingefühl 9.5.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 23.26.09

Entropy presents: YÖKYLÄ w/ Feingefühl

Entropy welcomes our old and new friends to a sleepover party! Wear your finest pajamas, grab your teddybear and/or down pillow and join us on Friday 9th of May starting from 23-. There will be some outstanding house music played loud until morning.

On door the ticket price is 12e and 10e for theme dressers. Door service is included.

Age limit: 18

* * *

PAT CASSADY (Feingefühl) (BER)

Pat Cassady likes to combine massive disco and house beats to deeper than deep melodies. As he delved deeper into electronic music, he played at open air festivals in and around Berlin and in local clubs like Kater Holzig, Ritter Butzke, Tresor, Maria, Chalet, M.I.K.Z. and many others. Sharing a passion for house, guitar and jazz music, he began to produce his own tracks in 2010.

He is a member of the “Hätt’ ich mal lieber getanzt” Crew and plays and produces under pseudonyms like “Zauberlinden” (Deep House), “Extravaganza” (Tech House), “Pa Ne” (Techno), “Miami Nice” (House/Garage), “Sin & Sinewaves” (House) and “Trés Cliché” (Electronica).


* * *

COSS (Feingefühl) (BER)

While Coss may be a young face in the canon that is Berlin nightlife, his productions embodies a quality pre-dating that of modern culture. He likes to craft music that blends dance floor sensibility and folk nostalgia. His DJ sets are warm and create an atmosphere that is both intense and flirtatious – variing from deep and hypnotic to mind opening.



* * *

KRYLLE (Feingefühl) (BER)

Schnell faszinierte er sich für die schier unglaubliche Vielfalt der elektronischen Berliner Feierszene und begann recht schnell sich hinterm DJ Pult zu betätigen. Musikalisch wurde Krylle am meinsten vom Golden Gate (Berlin) – und seinen Lokalmatadoren wie bspw. Turmspringer oder Kotelett & Zadak geprägt. Seit 2010 ist Krylle in den Berliner Clubs & Bars als DJ unterwegs.

Mittlerweile setzt er sich fleißig mit dem Thema produzieren auseinander. Wir können gespannt sein! Die ersten greifbaren Ergebnisse sind nur noch eine Frage der Zeit.

* * *

MR. SMOOTH (Entropy)

Mr. Smooth has gone onto becoming one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the electronic music scene in Helsinki. For 15 years he’s been involved in organizing Entropy events, and during the last 10 years he’s also taken turntables by storm. His creative juices have been flowing from click house to dub techno and more banging but equally deep dancefloor techno.

* * *

MIKAV (Entropy)

Having shown a lot of promise as a club DJ and a party organizer with both Entropy and on his own, MikaV is a newcomer who has all intentions to shake things up in Helsinki. He loves to geek out on technicalities of mixing and turntablism with urban genres, but is slowly being succumbed to the deep, moody sounds of house music.


VJ Artists

Folded Visuals
VJ Indigo

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(Suomi) Entropy esittää: Puuterihuone LIVEkeke 17.4.2014

Sorry, this entry is only available in Suomi.

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Panel discussion from the DJ workshop online

The panel discussion that opened the DJ workshop is now online on YouTube! DJs Indigo, Orion, Orkidea and Proteus discussed the life and times of a disc jockey with Entropy’s Apo hosting. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to OUBS for filming and editing the nearly three-hour discussion.

The panel was held in Finnish.

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Sunnuntailaskut on 3rd of March (CANCELLED)

Dude, where’s my winter? Event cancelled!

Entropy’s traditional outdoor party slash sledding event Sunnuntailaskut is held in Alppipuisto on Shrove Sunday, March the 2nd. Put on some warm clothes, take your sled and join us for some wintry fun!

14:00 -15.30 Abunker (rap/soul/funk)
15.30 -17.00 MikaV (Liquid DnB)
17.00-18.30 Sushius (House)
18.30 -20:00 Prokres b2b Pletova (Techno)
20:00 -21.30 Kirsu (Psy)

Event is organized weather permitting!

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Powder Room – a LiveKeke on 20th February


Powder Room is a new pre-party evening held on the eve of any prominent ball in the Helsinki region. There will be music and other programs (such as interviews) related to the said event.

In the first Powder Room we will see music by:

  • Mimosa (Hytky)
  • Sushius (Entropy, Hytky)
  • MikaV (Entropy)
  • Mr. Smooth (Entropy)

Take a head-start with us to the weekend’s party and turn on to http://oubs.fi/flash at 9pm on Thursday or you can join us at Entropy’s club room (at Jämeräntaival 3 A, Otaniemi).

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DJ workshop in February

Tätäkö on skrätsäys? Kuva: Gatto Mimmo / CC BY-ND-SA

Is this what scratching means? Come find out! Photo: Gatto Mimmo / CC BY-NC-SA

Entropy organizes a DJ workshop for people interested in DJing, from beginners to more advanced mix artists. The workshop kicks off with a general event with a panel discussion and lectures and continues with hands-on sessions in smaller groups later in the spring.

Lectures are given in Finnish.

Workshop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1454182898136438/


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