Eetteri on Saturday


Our big techno party this Spring, Eetteri, is on Saturday, headlined by Kwartz from Spain (check out the whole lineup). The location will be disclosed later this week on our mailing list and in the Facebook event. Welcome!

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Wappu Open Air 1.5.



WAPPU! Wappu, the 1st of May, is here and we shall celebrate the spring by bringing our soundsystem to Kaivopuisto.


At Ullanlinnanmäki (Kaivopuisto, Helsinki). You should find us approximately here We’ll update the exact location later to here and our Facebook-group.


NOW! So come and celebrate with us. The music will start at 12 and continue so long as the sun or the people will shine.


Because the sun is shining, and Wappu is here. Life doesn’t begin tomorrow or yesterday. Like Wappu it is only NOW!

So take a few friends or yours – or complete strangers – and come and join us. Let us celebrate the people, the community and the spring together!

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Radiodiodi 23.4.

© Radiodiodi, source:

© Radiodiodi, source:

Live broadcast from Entropy’s club room on Radiodiodi 107,4 MHz on Saturday 23/4 (stream at From 8 pm onwards quality music, interviews and surprise programming (please suggest something). Listen and win a free entrance to our May party!

You can also come to the club room and take part into the broadcast as audience!

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WappuAalto 20.4.

© Ayy ry, lähde:

© Ayy ry, source:

Wappu is here and AYY is organizing a festival to celebrate it. From 15 o’clock and onwards at Alvarinaukio also Entropy is playing some tunes and beats to get you into the mood. Open Decks so don’t be afraid!

What the hell is this:
Where the hell is this:

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Eetteri 21.5.


According to ancient and medieval science, aether (Greek: αἰθήρ aithēr), also spelled æther or ether, also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.
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Entropy Hacklab 16.4.


We’ll continue where we left at last Hacklab.

We’ll continue with differerent projects, the Disc-o-Meter and start planning ideas for other interactive decorations.

Come and join us at 16 o’clock at Jämeräntaival 3 A 1.

Please inform us at our forum if you’re coming!

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Miracle Berry -KeKe

A Club Room Wednesday (shortly in Finnish: KeKe, Kerhohuonekeskiviikko) will be held on Wednesday 16.3. from 19 onwards. Your senses will be blown away by the miraculous Miracle Berry. And no, it’s not a name for some weird up-and-coming berlinean techno DJ, but rather a real fruit:

Rumours tell, that after having a taste of this berry lemons will taste like something that is straight outta Eden and Guinnes will smother your taste buds with chocolate delight.

Come and join us, and bring weird food to taste if you want. Open Decks, so bring out your vinyl too! The location is  Jämeräntaival 3 A 1, Espoo.

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Entropy Hacklab 12.3.


Next saturday we will put our thinking caps on and go on a mad inventing spree from 12 pom onwards.

Come to our Club Room and help us think, what we could we with Arduino microcontroller and other electronics. Do you want to build a Disc-O-Meter? Or perhaps you’ve had this awesome idea for an interactive decoration brewing up for awhile, but no idea how to do it?

No experience needed (but allowed), everyone welcome to enjoy, learn (and maybe even teach!) about the possibilities of microcontrollers.

While waiting, you can inspire yourself for example on these guys, who use Arduino-controlled LED suits in their performances.

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(Suomi) Entropy Radio Helsingin Stadin Teknohistoria lähetyksessä

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

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(Suomi) Teknohistoriaa radiossa

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

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