Released: 14.4.2022, 18:45 -- Updated: 27.4.2022, 00:27

Tour de Walpuri - 29.4.2022, 20:00

Tour de Walpuri is upon us! It's time to realize the ultimate UG checkpoint for people touring around Otaniemi during this magical evening and night of Drum and Bass.

Join us for delivering the legendary party experience for those expecting it and for those who are not going to know what hit them! We meet for buildup at the clubroom on Friday the 29st at 5.30 pm, but you are welcome to join us any time!

Once you've registered and logged in as an Entropy member on this website, you'll find attached the secret "Nakkikone" link for signing up to different tasks needed to make this rave happen.

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mantysalo @ 20:00

Techno, acid, industrial, warehouse, lo-fi house, deep house, dnb, IDM.
Big fan of techno. Techno needs to be hard, dark and have lots of 303. Entropy member since 2020.

Soundcloud | Youtube


getsemane @ 21:00

elektro tekno breiks
Percussive and shady electro and booming breakbeats

noMad @ 22:30

Drum&Bass, Techno, Bassline
I like me music fast, loud and drenched in bass with big oumph sounds.


Clippin' @ 00:00

Drum & Bass, Neurofunk
Explosive dancefloor oriented modern Neurofunk, as loud as it goes.

Tom Coq @ 01:00

Uplifting, cheesy and fast trance.
Tom Coq

Back to Back mayhem

Back to Back mayhem @ 02:00

All genres
This can be any DJ from Entropy

Map Safer space guidelines