Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is an electronic music cultural association and one of the AYY (Student Union of Aalto University) cultural associations. The purpose of the association is to maintain and advance electronic music culture and related activities among the students of Aalto University and to unite people interested in electronic music.

In this page you'll find our last event, clubroom event and announcement.

Deformation - 11.7.2020, 22:00

Released: 3.7.2020, 21:59


Deformation. Seismic bass, murky forest and the chill of the bunker.



  • 22:00-23:00 JOONA JOONA
  • 23:00-01:00 Varaktor brb Jekkuvesa
  • 01:00-03:00 Mayhem
  • 03:00-05:00 aga.2cr5 b:2b DINAVISK
  • 05:00-07:00 Kaspiann


  • 22.00-23.00 Chiphead
  • 23.00-00.30 CASSHISS
  • 00.30-02.00 Biga Rane
  • 02.00-03.30 h.3ld
  • 03.30-05.00 Yagura
  • 05.00-07.00 berghollm

Our event follows the principle for safe spaces. Don’t make unnecessary assumptions regarding other peoples sexuality, gender, religion, skin color, nationality etc. If you’re exposed to unreasonable behavior during our event: alert one of the security guards or one of the organizers.

The corona pandemic is still ongoing, even though the situation is quietening down. Don’t participate in the event if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms. We’ll be following the contagion statistics and its development and act accordingly to the information. Both stages will be situated in spaces comparable to indoors, so we ask you yourselves to make the judgement regarding if you can come to our event or not.

// Strobodan

Relax Keke - 1.12.2018, 19:00

Released: 30.11.2018, 19:00


there will be some action at Kerde during Saturday evening 1.12. Feel free to join for groovy tunes and a stress-free evening!

It’s going to be oped decks so, as usually, bring your usbs, vinyls, cds, etc. Whatever format you prefer! We’ll try to start the evening around 19-20.

This is the time to relax after the E25V. Grab a beer and just enjoy yourself and the moment!

Hope 2 c u soon! <3

Situation update

Released: 20.4.2020, 21:21


Virus has frozen practically all Entropy activities. Action continues immediately after the situation stabilizes. Stay tuned!


Jämeräntaival 3 was renovated during 2019. Entropy clubroom is located on the ground floor of the building. Clubroom was initially supposed to be back in use during fall 2019 but water damage occured during the roof repair. This prolonged the renovation and damaged the clubroom floor which had to be taken off. We got the clubroom back in this years February and it has been under construction since. 
Clubroom construction is at the point where the walls need to be painted and possibly design a new DJ table. This will continue straight after the quarantine eases. You're welcome to join!


Entropy has new webpage as you probably noticed. We have updated it to use current technology and give a better mobile browsing experience. We have also updated event history and linked event pictures straight to events. 
Now the frontpage shows clearly our most relevant event, a clubroom event and the latest announcement. All the current info is easily available when you enter the frontpage. Notice that the last clubroom event is from year 2018 because of the renovation. The opening party of the new and enhanced clubroom will be held after we finish construction and the event info will be posted on the Entropy frontpage.
PS. shirt order for active members, DL is 4.5.2020