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Abstract, Maximalist, Mix of pre-rendered and generative
Antti Hietaniemi aka VJ Harmaa is a visual designer and a VJ in the Beigeharmaa VJ duo active since 2006. In his visuals he combines audioreactive, generative, and pre-rendered abstract 3D shapes that combine into psychedelic layers as the night progresses. Antti teaches VJ performance and audiovisual content production in the Aalto university as a part of the visual communication design degree programme.

BeigeHarmaa Visualists | Live visuals for Atheer Soot @ KTK XII (2021) | Live visuals for RAD Night @ The Cellar, Puttes (2017)

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Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is a electronic music cultural association and one of the AYY (Aalto University Student Union) music associations. We strive to advance and promote the electronic music culture by eg.

  • Organizing events
  • Instructing event technology
  • Renting sound and light equipment