Released: 28.9.2012, 22:00

Tarha ~ 6.10.2012, 22:00

This little piggy went to party! One-night grown-up kindergarten for clubbers and other lovers of electronic music. Games, fairy tales, dancing and fun galore. Like a child! 

Entertaining the kids:

Spanks! (Kallias, DE)
Audacious & Nip One (Visions)
Olli & Illmari (HYTKY)
Eerror (Entropy)
KRS (Entropy)

(Update 4.10. Egokind had to cancel his gig due to illness, Spanks! will play instead)

Beats from Barely Legal Sound System.





Visions Collective

Visions represents distinctive and puristic sounds, with the intention to offer people a musical journey, and especially those “what THE fu*k is this sick track”-moments on the dance floor when you can nothing but put on a nasty grin on your face and throw those furious uppercuts in the air.

Olli & Illmari

Olli has an impressive track record of being the mastermind behind various HYTKY underground events within the 2000s. After this he continued as a radio DJ on the Basso Radio’s Friday Show until the end of year 2011. Since then Olli has remained somewhat retired from the Finnish club scene. By the years Olli has managed to acquire a distinguished collection of disco records. Despite his notable collection, he still has some records lacking from his collection and therefore is bringing an enthusiastic disco collector, DJ Illmari with him, who has in secret from the outside world been honing his mixing skills close to perfection.

In addition to this, they both have experience in working with special children so they are prepared for the situation that they even may get bitten in Entropy’s Kindergarten. Still their sole purpose in the Kindergarten is to strike the audience with pre-emptive disco tunes so that further temper tantrums could be avoided.



M(e)ow is the performing group of MoodforHoop.