Released: 4.4.2013, 22:00

Suo - 20.4.2013, 22:00

The last footpaths are long gone and moving in the thicket becomes all the more arduous. Secure footing is impossible to find and every step raises a musty stink from the squashy ground. Will-o’-the-wisps dance on the bogholes in the darkening night. Finally a violent drumming becomes audible. You are approaching the heart of the swamp.

/// CAUSE4CONCERN [UK] (C4C Recordings, Virus, Renegade Hardware)
/// DOCIUS (Viidakkorumpu, Jungleheat)
/// AXU (Science)
/// CRIBA (Basstards, Orc)
/// SNAPO (Entropy, Breathe)

Entropy presents the sweatiest swamp mayhem this Spring. Listen to the grapevine and follow the whispers to get your hands on a flyer with 2e discount on ticket.

Arrive early – limited capacity!

This is Helsinki UG.