Released: 27.11.2014, 18:38

New board 2015

The elective assembly has appointed a new board for Entropy for the year 2015:

Chairperson: Sampo Lahtinen
Vice-chairperson: Susanna Nuutinen
Secretary: Juho Kokko
Treasurer: Eero Pehkonen
Communications manager: Lotta Lipponen

The assembly also appointed the following officials:

Tech official: Ville Karhu
Communications officials: Jenny Koivukoski & Jani Lindqvist
Club room officials: Lauri Hälinen & Arto Kononen
Rental official: Juho Kokko
Web official: Harri Häivälä
Decoration official: Jani Lindqvist

Congratulations to the new board and officials!