Released: 12.1.2018, 22:00

Luotain ~ 27.1.2018, 22:00

Luotain will guide your way to an underwater realm where the warmth of dub softly meets cold and mechanistic techno.

22:00-00:00 Eltron
00:00-02:00 Indigo
02:00-04:00 Ben Buitendijk
04:00-06:00 Elisa Katariina

Tickets: 15€ / 14€ presale at Holvi

Location: Teatteri Tuike (Viertolantie 2, Helsinki)

Few reminders about practicalities:

– Place is Teatteri Tuike in Tapanila (Viertolantie 2). You can arrive ie. by I-train or bus number 74 (
– Doors open at 22:00
– Ticket pre-sale closes today (Friday) at 21:00
– There will be tickets sold at the door but if you want to be sure to get in come early
– Cash only and event amount is very much appreciated
– Entrance is located at the end of the building right next to the railway
– Smoking also happens in direct proximity to the entrance
– Please respect the neighbors and behave both when arriving and leaving
– Don’t wander around outside if not necessary
– Please use an ashtray when smoking
– Don’t litter
– Respect your fellow party people
– Every type of harassment, groping and violence is prohibited. If you encounter any situations regarding to this our staff helps. You can ask help ie. from the door or the kiosk.
– If you think you might have urges for beverages or small snacks during the party take some small coins with you
– There will be a self-service cloakroom though we recommend not to leave any valuable items there