Released: 17.4.2019, 21:00

Taikausko ~ 23.4.2019, 21:00

On a fateful day a year ago an eruption of deep soundwaves swept away our campus into the realm of enchantment.

Today, the radiant warmth of summer still a distant dream, the everflowing tide of ice once more gives way to the first blossoms of spring. The international duo of BEST Helsinki and ESN Aalto have found their moment to step in and mark the change of season with an approval from the sonic seal of Entropy.

The electronic music association brings forth its darkest beats, brightest melodies and a magical rhythm which simultaneously envelops your mind in searing heat and calming autumn chill. A brand new lineup of DJs akin to the shamans of the North promises to entrance you with relentless drumming from the grandest sound system around.

Let the flow take over, let your feet do the action and let the sickest tracks of House, Techno and Drum and Bass embrace you throughout the whole night! Dive into this musical mist in Smökki on the 23rd April and come in your surreal seasonal costume to brush with a world beyond the mundane. The best costume will be rewarded with an amazing prize and everyone will be rewarded with amazing pre-Wappu feels.

#WHAT: Taikausko
#WHEN 23.4. 9.00pm on
#WHERE: Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4)
#PRICE: 5 € for first 200 tickets 7 € afterwards
#WHY: Amazing electronic alternative to tune you to the perfect Wappu vibe
#DRESSCODE: Changing seasons

For more information on our organising societies follow:
BEST Helsinki: https://www.facebook.com/BESTHelsinki/
ESN Aalto: https://www.facebook.com/EsnAaltoOfficial/
Entropy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/entropy.fi/about/