Released: 2.3.2022, 21:00 -- Updated: 8.3.2022, 22:59

Late Pre-Xmas party ~ 12.3.2022, 18:00

Christmas has past but we don't forget.

Having a proper Entropy Xmas sauna was not possible back then but now the time has come! Rantasauna and palju are warming up for us! Positive vibes, great music and amazing people.

We will serve some food and snacks but feel free to contribute as well!


This is a party for Entropy members and friends, we all work together to make this happen. We want to ask help for the build up and take down to all of you. Build up accompanied by a sound system training will start at around 16.00 from Entropy's storage room (Otakaari 18).

The training will be focused on the basics of selecting an appropriate system for a situation, the basics of setting up a PA and proper usage of the equipment.

Lineup: Entropy allstars, maybe even you. Bring your bangers!