Released: 28.9.2023, 17:00 -- Updated: 28.9.2023, 18:03

e30v Spatial Art Workshop ~ 4.10.2023, 18:00

Welcome to a workshop to ideate and plan spatial art for E30!

E30 stands for Entropy's 30th anniversary. It's happening next February, and it is the biggest party we have ever made. The venue is massive, and our next step is to plan the spatial art for the venue.

We are having a workshop on 4.10. at 18 about spatial art: art installations, interactive art, visuals, decorations and art collaborations.

We have started the initial ideation process for spatial art already earlier. In the workshop, we will continue the ideation, then choose which ideas to go forward with. I welcome everyone interested in joining! We will need people who are design and art oriented, and also technical people, for instance who know how to code, or know about sound systems.

Time: 4.10. at 18:00

Place: Mordor, A Grid, Otakaari 5

Note! The workshop will be a live meeting and there will not be a possibility to join remotely.

If you cannot join but would like to be involved, contact via Mattermost @leona.