Rules of Association: Entropy

Chapter 1: Name, domicile, purpose and languages

1§ Name and domicile

The name of the association is Entropy; henceforth referred to as the Association. The domicile of the Association is Espoo.

2§ Purpose and forms of activity

The purpose of the Association is to maintain and advance electronic music culture and interest in it amongAalto University students, as well as bring together peoplewhoare interested in electronic music.

In order tofulfill its purpose, the Associationmay

  • organize non-profit events relating to culture, discussion, education, concerts and seminars, as well as study trips and excursions,
  • practice publication activities relating to announcements, cultural change and the industry of the Association,
  • manage internal announcements of the Association,
  • organize electronic music production and performance practices and events for its members,
  • keep in touch and co-operate with parties with similar purpose and other interest groups; and
  • practice other similar forms of activities in order to fulfill its purpose.

3§ Activity support

In order to support its activities, the Associationmay

  • organize chargeable social evenings and excursions,
  • own necessary movables and fixed assets for its operations,
  • practice publication activities relating to its purpose,
  • organize fairs, recreational events and art exhibitions relating to its purpose,
  • receive donations, aids and wills,
  • after receiving relevant authorization, execute lotteries and fundraisings; and
  • collect member fees.

4§ Languages

The official language of the Association is Finnish.


Chapter 2: Members and fees

5§ Members

The members include full, associateand honorary members.

As full members, the Association accepts allAYY members interested in Association'soperations.With Board decision, a person who participates actively in Association's activities can also be accepted as a full member.

As associate members, the Association accepts all those who are interested in Association's activities but cannot be accepted as full members.

The proposals for honorary members are presented by the Board, but also twenty (20) Association members have the right to do it together.

6§ List of members

The Association keeps a list of all its members.

7§ Member fees

The members are obliged to pay a member fee to the Association once per calendar year, the amount of which is specified in the general meeting of the Association. The member feemay vary for different member groups.

8§ Resigning from the Association

A membermay resign from the Association by giving a written note to the Board or its Chair, or by notifying themeeting of theAssociation so that it can be marked down on the records.

The Boardmay deem a member as resigned if they have not paid their member fee by the end of October.

9§ Expulsion from the Association

The Board of the Associationmay expulse a member who has outrageously acted against the purpose of the Association, or who does not fulfill the conditions stated by the law or these Association rules anymore.

Before making the decision, themember concerned shall be given an opportunity to be heard, unless the reason for expulsion is a non-paid member fee.

The expulsion decision needs, to be delivered in writingat onceto themember concerned.

10§Expulsion appeal

The expulsedmember has the right to appeal in writingto the meeting of theAssociation, which thenshall confirm the decision with a majority of three quarters (3/4) of given votes. The appeal shall be delivered to the Boardwithin thirty (30) daysof receipt ofthe Board meeting decision, and it shall be handled mainly in the next meeting of the Association, but no later than within sixty (60) days from the filing of the appeal.


Chapter 3: Meetings

11§ Meetings of the Assocation

The meetings include the general meeting, caucus and additional meetings.

12§ The general meeting

The general meeting shall be held during January—March, and at least the following matters need to be addressed:

  • annual report from the previous year;
  • profit and loss statement with Appendices;
  • statement from theoperations inspector;
  • adoption of the annual accounts;
  • discharging from liability for the accounts;
  • action plan for the current term, prepared by the Board;
  • budget for the current term, prepared by the Board;
  • the amount of the member fee for the current term;
  • due date for member fees;


The caucusshall be held duringSeptember—December, and at least the followingmattersneed to be addressed:

  • electingtheChair of Board, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as electing other members of the Board for the next term;
  • electing Associationfunctionaries for the next term;
  • electing two operations inspectors and their personal substitutes for the next term;

14§ Additional meetings

An additional meetingshall be held when thus is decidedat a meeting of theAssociation, when the Board sees it necessary, or when at least one tenth of the electorate members or three full members demands it from the Board for a specificmatter stated in writing. The meeting shall be held within fourteen (14) daysof the request.

15§ Rights at the meetings

At the meetings of the Association, all members of the Association have a right to be present andtospeak. Full members have voting rights, and each has one vote.

By a decision of a meeting, non-members may also be granted the right to be present and the right to speak.

16§ Taking decisions

Decisionsat the meetings of the Association shall be taken withanabsolute majorityof the given votes, unless otherwise stated by these rules. In the case of a tie, the motion supported by thechairperson of the meeting shall be carried; however, in the case of election,bydrawing lots.

17§ Convocation

An invitation to a meeting shall state the date, the place and matters to be handledatthe meeting. The invitation shall be sent to all members by e-mail seven (7) days before the meeting.


A meeting has a quorum, if it has been convened as determined by these rules.

19§ Matters to be handled at meetings

The matters mentioned on the invitation to the meeting shall be handled in the meeting.

If the meeting handles any amendments to the rules of the Association, voting and election rules, election or expulsion of theBoard or its members, or evenoperations inspectors, adoption of the annual accounts and discharging from liability for the accounts or dissolution of the Association, it shall be mentioned on the invitation to the meeting.

20§ Expelling anofficial or functionary

Officials and functionaries can be excused from their duties by a meeting decision mid-term, which shall be mentioned on the invitation to the meeting.


Chapter 4: The Board

21§ Board

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board, elected for a calendar year at a time.

The Board consists oftheChair of Board, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as of one to20 other members. Only full members of the Association are eligible to be elected as the Chair of Board. At least half of the members of the Board shall be full members of the Association.

22§ Board duties

The dutiesof the Board include:

  • guiding the affairs of the Association;
  • proposing action plan, budget, annual reports and annual accounts for the Association;
  • preparing matters brought up at the meetings of the Association and executing decisions made by them;
  • attending to finances and assets of the Association;
  • deciding on member approvals;
  • supervising the activities of committees andfunctionaries;
  • convening meetings of the Association, if necessary; and
  • representing the Association.

23§ Members of the Board

The Chair of Board shall convene the Board meetings and leads the floor, they shall take care of convening the meetings of the Association and shall see to it that the affairs of the Association is in compliance with the rules.

Vice Chair shall take over the duties of the Chair in their absence.

Secretary shall see to it that records are drawn at the Association and Board meetings, they shall keep a record of the members of the Association and shall take care of the archives.

Treasurer shall keep a record of the finances and assets of the Association, and under supervision of the Board, prepare proposals of the annual accounts and budget.

Other members of the Board shall execute duties separately assigned for them at the general meeting.

24§ Board meetings

A board meetinghas a quorum, ifit has been communicated in a manner agreed by the Board and more than half of the Board members are present, including either the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board.

The decisionsshall be made with an absolute majority of given votes. In case of a tie, the motion supported by the Chair shall be carried; however,in the case of elections, by drawing lots.

25§ People entitled to sign the name of the Association

The Chair of Board or Vice Chair shall sign the name of the Association. The Board may entitle a full member of the Association to sign the name of the Association on their own.


Chapter 5:Functionaries and committees

26§ Appointment, term and involvement in activities

The Association and the Board may set up subordinate committees and functionaries for specific purposes. Here, the lengths of terms shall be laid down, which cannot, however, exceed the Board term.

Any member of the Association can be involved in committee work, according to their interest.


Chapter 6: Administration and finances

27§ Term and accounting period

The term and accounting period of the Association is a calendar year.

28§Operations inspectors

The finances and administration of the Association shall be reviewed by operations inspectors. An independent persons shall be selected as an operations inspectors, as well as their substitute. Annual accounts and necessary documents shall be delivered to theoperations inspectors no later than twenty-one (21) days before the general meeting. Accounts shall also be given for a review at the request of theoperations inspectors.

Theoperations inspector shall give the Board a written statement addressed to the general meeting of the Association no later than fourteen (14) days before the general meeting.


Chapter 7: Special regulations

29§ Emblems and symbols of the Association

Emblems, symbols and the official bulletin board of the Association shall be decided upon atthe meetings of theAssociation.

30§ Amending the rules

Amendments to these rules may be made, if a proposal for an amendment have been accepted by a majority ofthree quarters (3/4) of the given votes in two (2) consecutivemeetings of theAssociation, with timespan of at leastfourteen (14) days in between. The proposal for an amendment shall be mentioned on the invitation to the meeting.

A proposal for an amendment may be made by the Board, by one tenth (1/10) of the members of the Association or by ten (10) full members as a written note to the Board. The member made proposal shall be considered in the next meeting of the Association.

31§ Dissolution of the Association

The Association shall be dissolved if the Association decides on it by a majority of three quarters (3/4) of given votes in two (2) consecutive meetings, with timespan of at least thirty (30) days in between. The proposal for dissolution shall be mentioned on the invitation to the meeting.

After the dissolution of the Association, or after its termination, the assets of the Association shall be transferred toAYY to be used for the purposes laid down by these rules in section 2, or if impossible, to support the activities ofAYY.

32§ Matters not regulated within the rules

With matters not individually regulated within these rules, where applicable, Finnish Association Act will be followed.